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Who Am I?

Backwards hats. Matching over-sized Coca-Cola t-shirts my dad got from work. Cheap sunglasses. And a cassette tape of Boyz II Men’s Cooleyhighharmony as the backing track. This was the grand beginning of my singing career. When we weren’t selling out living rooms, my sisters and I would practice singing Aaliyah with my mom or sit around the kitchen table and jam out to Smokey Robinson and TLC.  Music has always been a huge part of my life.  Yet for some reason, I made myself believe singing would just be a lifelong passion but ultimately something I only did for fun. I continued to perform in school plays and community theater, but for the most part singing remained a behind-closed-doors activity. As I got older, I thought maybe a career in sports broadcasting or production would be a responsible compromise and still allow me to sort of pursue things I love. But as any performer knows, there are few alternatives to scratch that creative itch. Since that realization a few years ago I’ve been pursuing my true passion fulltime and learning to find my own voice along the way. 

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